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11 Glenwell Rd,


BT36 7RF


Online Bookings Only*

Walk-ins are subject to availability


Find out about our accessibility options

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Summer Opening Times

2nd July - 1st Sep 
Tuesday - Sunday
10 AM - 10 PM

*Still Closed Mondays*

So what are we about?

We are just looking to give people a wee bit of craic!

Playing with balls has never been so fun!


Suitable for all ages

As long as you can hold your putter you're good to go!

Only playing players are charged.

Spectators welcome


21 Holes of Crazy Golf

That's right we can't count!

Why 18 anyway?
We went ahead and built more because we had the space


Completely Indoors

Do you know Northern Irelands weather?

That's right is pretty S ...Spectacular.

A high chance of all 4 seasons in 5 minutes


18/21 holes Wheelchair Friendly

Most start and exits are standard door saddles. This is to help you get around but some holes are not wheelchair friendly or may require alternative navigation. 

Drop us a line we are happy to discuss all accessibility features on offer


21 Different Themed Holes

From ambulances to planes we nearly have it all!

Nearly all locally sourced from the island of Ireland.


Amazing what people have sitting around their house for sale!


Family Run

That's right somehow the family stopped fighting and created a new company.

From building hands on to operating we created a new child to look after

You mean I have to pay?


Minor Ticket


Players aged 12 & Under

This ticket requires at least one adult to supervise at all times. Don't worry  they don't have to pay 

Student / Senior Ticket


That's right slightly discounted if you got plenty of life experience or building up that student debt.

60+ or studying in higher education

ID Required

General Admission


So your just an everyday Joe Bloggs not to worry. 

Plain and simple for you.

From age 13 - 59 this ticket is for you.



The accessibility ticket offers the 3 other ticket options.

It does differ however by allowing the player extra time to set off. 

Additionally it offers a £2 ticket option for those who need to support another player who otherwise couldn't physically or mentally play without that support.

Carers card required

Here what time are you open?

Opening Hours

These might differ over holiday periods. Best to check our opening hours over these times


Tues - Friday




2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

10:00 am – 10:00 pm

10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Need to check us out before hand?

No worries check out these photos!

So this is what the bottom of a website looks like?

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